Fish Curry


Fish, pieces. cleaned 500gm
Coconut, piece 01
Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp /3gm
Green chillies(slit) 08
Ginger, chopped 02 tsp/ 10gm

Garlic. cloves 04Cashew nuts 05
Coconut oil 02 tsp / 30 mlOnion,medium,sliced 01
Coconut milk, first extract 02 tsp / 400 ml
Cumin powder 01 tsp / 5 gm
Salt to taste

1. Pat dry the fish & keep it aside

2. Grind together the coconut, turmeric, 6 green chillies, ginger, garlic, & cashew nuts to a smooth paste.

3. Add the tomato, coconut milk & the fish. Sprinkle cumin powder & simmer till the fish is cooked. Check for seasoning.

4. Serve hot.

Coconut milk powder.

Real coconut real taste.

The cream of pure coconut in its wholesome, yummy. milky flow, enhances the taste of soups, souces, curries, seafood and vegetable dishes, cakes, biscuits, desserts and cocktails. Nestle being the No 1. food company in the world, follows strict quality controls to make the delightful experience of cookingwith MAGGI, an exotic treat for your family.

Sri Lankan Style Ash plantain with coagulated milk.

Ingredients for four portions.

Ash plantain 400GMS.Astra cook'n'fry 1/2 cup.Cummin Powder(Roasted) 01 tea spoon.Knorr taste maker 02 tea spoon.Salt 01 te spoon.pepper 1/4 tea soon.lLime juice 01 nos.cucmber (green) 100 GMS.Tomato 100GMS.Green chillies 02 nos.Coriander Leaves 10 GMS.Curd 01 tea cup.


Cut the ash plantain Lenghwise into thin slices and keep in salted water for five minuts, Drain, deep fry in astra cook'n'fry and leave aside the crisp wafers. Cut the green cucumber and tomato into small cubes and mix with the chppd up green chillies. Mix the rest of the ingredients with the curd and finally the ash plantain crisps. Serve chilled with roasted cummin powdr sprinkled on top.

Bibikkan(coconut cake}

Scrape Coconuts 01 no.Sultanas 100 GMS.Dates 100 GMS.Pumpkin preserve 100 GMS.Cashewnut 100 GMS.Kitul Treacle 400 GMS.Flour 200 GMS.Baking Powder 1/2 Tea Spoon.Sweet cummin seeds.(Rosted and Powdered)1/2 Tea Spoon.Cardamoms 05 Nos.Grated Lemon Zest 04 GMS.Bread Dough 300 gms.Arrack (Optional) 01 Glass.

Method.Mix the scraped coconuts. Kitul Treacle and cook for tem minutes. Add the dry ingredients and the spice. Best the Bread dough and gradually add the mixture until the bread dough has completely dissolved. Mix the flour, Baking powder and baking soda turn the mixture into a lined baking sheet and bake at 140 c.



Ulundu flour, Rice flour, wheat flour, Sugar, Salt, and yeast


Empty contents of pack into a bowl, and three tea cups of water, mix well and leave for 15 minutes. Ad two more tea cups of water, mix well and leave for another 15 minutes. Heat one tablespoon of oil, add a teaspoon of mustard seed, a tablespoon of finely chopped onion, curry leaves and two or three dry chili broken into small pieces. Fry onions are golden in color. Add the dough. Add salt if necessary.