Sri Lankan Style Ash plantain with coagulated milk.

Ingredients for four portions.

Ash plantain 400GMS.Astra cook'n'fry 1/2 cup.Cummin Powder(Roasted) 01 tea spoon.Knorr taste maker 02 tea spoon.Salt 01 te spoon.pepper 1/4 tea soon.lLime juice 01 nos.cucmber (green) 100 GMS.Tomato 100GMS.Green chillies 02 nos.Coriander Leaves 10 GMS.Curd 01 tea cup.


Cut the ash plantain Lenghwise into thin slices and keep in salted water for five minuts, Drain, deep fry in astra cook'n'fry and leave aside the crisp wafers. Cut the green cucumber and tomato into small cubes and mix with the chppd up green chillies. Mix the rest of the ingredients with the curd and finally the ash plantain crisps. Serve chilled with roasted cummin powdr sprinkled on top.

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