Coconut milk powder.

Real coconut real taste.

The cream of pure coconut in its wholesome, yummy. milky flow, enhances the taste of soups, souces, curries, seafood and vegetable dishes, cakes, biscuits, desserts and cocktails. Nestle being the No 1. food company in the world, follows strict quality controls to make the delightful experience of cookingwith MAGGI, an exotic treat for your family.

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Genna said...

Nestle is one of the most powerful companies in the world and is currently responsible for promoting the word 'Nescafe' over coffee (most sri lankans don't know what coffee is now), for destroying the Sri Lankan tea industry by installing Nescafe everywhere, for destroying the child weaning market by promoting baby cereals over healthier traditional weaning food... the list goes on. Nestle is boycotted by many, for it's unethical advertising practices. your blog is fab dear friend, but please don't support Nestle.